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As an important part of our theme wine tastings, we have been using the GABRIEL-GLAS© for many years.
Based on the idea of enjoying different wine categories and -styles within a single glass, Gabriel-Glas Ltd. was founded in 2010 in Hallein, Austria. The well-known Swiss wine critic René Gabriel was instrumental in the development of this universal wine glass. After a short time, GABRIEL-GLAS© found many sympathizers and quickly established an excellent reputation in the market. We are also fully convinced of the quality of this wine glass and are happy to send you a personal offer.


  • A small amount is enough to reach the whole width of the glass inside.
  • The “Bouquet Drive” on the bulge of the glass accelerates the development of aromas.
  • The slightly conical, curved shape concentrates the bouquet.
  • The thin-walled design reminds to a royal finesse.
  • The ideal cup volume is designed for a normal capacity.
  • The uncompromising height is suitable for young and matured wines,
  • Whether white, red or sweet – all wines offer maximum of drinking pleasure.
  • Simple wines will improve and premium wines will stay premium wines.
  • The general shape remains to maximum of elegance and a noble presentation.
  • Despite the lightness, the glass remains hard-wearing.
  • Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, the design has remained lead-free.
  • The glass is dishwasher safe and find its space in every dishwasher.
  • Wine benefits stay affordable thanks to the attrative pricing of GABRIEL-GLAS©.


GABRIEL-GLAS© Gold Edition in an exclusive design – gift box (hand blown glas, approx. 90 grams)

1er gift box (pck.): EUR   32,00
2er gift box (pck.): EUR   64,00
6er gift box (pck.): EUR 192,00

GABRIEL-GLAS© StandArt in an exclusive design – gift box (maschine blown glas, approx. 150 grams)

1er gift box (pck.): EUR 14,00
2er gift box (pck.): EUR 28,00
6er gift box (pck.): EUR 84,00

All prices exclusive delivery costs (€12,00/delivery) or pick-up by arrangement.
(no value added tax [VAT] according to small Austrian business regulations)