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The world of wines has become a comprehensive and complex topic. An ever-growing multitude of wine lovers faces an increasing supply of wines in the market. Therefore it’s not surprising that a veritable number of online guides, wine bibles and magazines deal with various wine-related topics.

In our increasingly digital society, personal contact is often taking a back seat. Consumers have been accustomed for the longest period of time to retrieve information by mouse clicks. The internet offers an ideal platform to reach any requested topics anonymously within a time-saving manner.

We are using the advantages of a cross-linked wine world in order to be able to present our customers, among others, extraordinary wines from remote regions.

Due to the high number of online shops and guidebooks on the internet, searching for ideal wines can sometimes become a long-lasting project. At the same time it’s  often easier to start-up a short conversation with wine experts, who can immediately recognize the preferences and wishes of the consumers.

Moreover in our culture wine benefits have even become important as drinking of wine is directly combinded with important social aspects of coherence. It’s simply a great pleasure to enjoy good wine with friends, family or colleagues.

We are therefore combining the best of two worlds. This means that we pay high attention on individual support for our customers while at the same time we are taking advantage of the benefits of the World Wide Web in order to keep you up to date.


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