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The number of different wine tastes is at least as large as the number of cultivated grape varieties. Since the early 90s, the consumption of quality wines has started to enter into daily life. Nowadays, vintage wines are not only represented in specialist shops and wine houses. More and more you can find decent representatives of all well-known grape varieties in supermarkets and discount stores. Thus, for wine lovers often the question comes up where to buy good wines on favorable terms, followed by individual advice?

Choosing the right wine glass for red, white and rosé wines has always been a concern among wine lovers. Both, various grape varieties and a variety of wine styles should be considered in the wine glass as well. Until the recent past when buying wine glasses usually consumers strictly separated between red, white, sweet and sparkling wines.
A turnaround began to emerge about 10 years ago. So-called universal wine glasses hit the markets which were developed both, for the consumption of white- and red wines.

However, for all types of wine glasses, size, shape and thickness of the glass are still playing an important role. In particular, the cup volume has a strong influence on the development of the wine profile. Regardless of the glass you use to enjoy your favorite wines, adequate aeration of the wine is very important for young, strong red wines as well as for all top-class growths.

We would like to show you a simple way in the wide world of wines – a path that is entirely customzied to your individual expectations and requirements – wines that are tailor-made according to your needs and, of course, which will meet a high-quality standard. We offer our professional consulting services independently on a neutral basis, since we are not obligated to a certain wine assortment. In keeping with our philosophy, we would like to show you the most beautiful ways to enjoy good wine in all areas of life.

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